New Misty Fjords Bear Watching Tours!

The Best Ketchikan Bear Watching Tours in Alaska!

Alaskan & Ketchikan Bear Watching at Its Finest…

SeaWind Aviation now offers Ketchikan Bear Watching Tours! We are proud to announce the addition of a new Alaskan bear viewing tour in the Misty Fjords! The tour mixes the exciting and beautiful aerial views of a seaplane tour with serene water-top wildlife viewing. This is the perfect experience for viewing Alaskan bears in the wild before they head to the spawning streams.  This tour will start in Mid-May and run through the end of July.

Check out additional highlights below. Contact us to book your Misty Fjords bear watching tour today!Ketchikan Bear Viewing Tours

Ketchikan Bear Watching Tour Highlights:

  • Every tour is designed according to daily conditions to provide the best possible viewing of Misty Fjords and wild bears.
  • Every passenger has a window seat to maximize the sighting of humpback whales and orcas in the sea, as well as mountain goats in alpine heights.
  • Your experienced pilot provides narration customized for the day’s route. Also, passengers use two-way headsets to ask questions and talk to each other.
  • Our objective is to put you close to wild bears by landing near their foraging areas. Usually, on grassy saltwater shorelines, but sometimes on alpine lakefronts.
  • Bear sightings are usual on this tour but are not guaranteed. Our pilots’ knowledge of bears’ seasonal behavior and daily overflights in Misty Fjords offer your best odds for viewing bears.
  • When we touch down for bear viewing, we will float quietly as close as we can to the bears while ensuring that you are safe and the bears are not disturbed. Bears have keen senses of hearing and smell; noises and strong fragrances can frighten them.
  • From the safety of the aircraft’s floats, marvel at nature’s handiwork and get plenty of photos. Then, fire up the engine and enjoy the second half of your Air and Bears flightseeing excursion.

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