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1. What kind of aircraft will I fly in?

You will fly in either our legendary Dehavilland Beaver’s (DHC-2) or a Cessna-185. All DeHavilland Beavers & Otters were built in the late 40’s to early 60’s in Toronto, Canada.

2. How many passengers can fly on a tour?

Our beaver aircraft seats up to 6-7 passengers on any Alaska flight seeing tour with each passenger having a window seat. You can also reserve our aircraft just for your party. Please email or call for private group rates at 907-225-1206. Our Cessna holds 3-4 passengers depending on body weights.

3. What makes a Seawind Aviation tour different from the tours offered on our cruise ship or by the larger operators?
  • Our tours are much more personal. You don’t have to compete with large groups of cruise ship passengers for available seats and where you’re called aboard by number.

  • Owner and pilot, Steve Kamm and his crew of pilots, have over 50 years of flying experience in Southeast Alaska. Unlike the larger operations, we don’t have seasonal pilots that migrate up to Ketchikan Alaska in the summer with little experience or are getting first time experience flying in the Southeast panhandle.

  • We pick you up in our van on the dock where your ship moors 30 minutes prior to the departure time, and drive you 3-5 minutes directly to our dock. Your van ride is complimentary and not part of your tour price – others may charge or leave it up to you entirely.

4. How is transportation arranged to your dock?

We personally pick you up in our van on the dock in front of the Ketchikan Visitor Center where your ship moors, 30 minutes prior to your flight time, and drive you to our dock just  3-5 minute away. Your van ride is complimentary and not part of your tour time.

5. Are discounts available?

Discounts are available for children 12 and under (at time of travel), and cash discounts also available.

6. What is required to reserve a flight?

Please complete our reservation form on our secure website, and then a confirmation email will be sent confirming your flight with us along with details of the pickup instructions on the pier, or otherwise please feel free to contact us directly by phone also at 1-907-225-1206. A small deposit is required at the time of booking. Please call us directly if you wish to pay with cash, or make your reservation over the phone.

7. What is your cancellation policy?

We require 30 day cancellation notice. Cancellations with 30 days prior notice are fully refundable less a $25.00 per person processing fee. Cancellation fees are waived for flights that are delayed or cancelled due to cruise ship delays, or poor weather conditions. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to your flight and no-shows are non-refundable.

8. Do you accommodate larger people?

Yes we do. The Dehavilland Beaver is quite comfortable and roomy. There may be an additional fee added if your weight exceeds 250lbs, but you will not have to pay an additional fare. Please call us to discuss at 907-225-1206.

9. Can I speak with the pilot during my Alaska flightseeing tour?

Yes, our noise reduction and voice-activated headsets allow you to speak with the pilot and fellow guests during the flight. All passengers on every flight have the ability to talk, whereas that is not a feature all airlines in Ketchikan can provide for on their tours.

10. Are flights available for handicapped passengers?

Yes, but please keep in mind that every situation is different and the safety of our passengers is the most important thing. If you or a member of your party is handicapped or has special needs,  please email Lesley at or call is at 907-225-1206, so we can get more information to determine if it is safe to take the passenger. We do strive to make it possible for everyone to enjoy our flight seeing tours and we can often help provide passengers with the assistance needed to board the plane.

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