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The Experience

Your unique Anan Creek Bear Viewing experience begins not at Anan Creek, but at Seawind Aviation’s home base in Ketchikan, Alaska. Within minutes of departing Ketchikan in one of Seawind Aviation’s seaplanes, you will take flight and be transported over inlets, bays, and lakes and over the lush, wilderness of the Tongass National Forest on a 40-minute flight to the Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory.

After the water-landing at Anan Creek, the pilot will guide the seaplane up to the beach, which, depending on the tidal currents, may be covered with kelp and mussels and possibly a starfish or two. Be aware, however, that the rocky beach may be wet and slippery, so good footwear is a must! On the beach, your party, including a Seawind Aviation “bear guide” will be met by U.S. Forest Service personnel, the stewards of the Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory, as you move to the trailhead and down the half-mile path to the observatory. Along the way, you will see the thick flora, fauna, and fir and cedar trees that define the rain forest. And don’t forget to look up – bald eagles and sometimes even bears have been perched high above in the trees.


The Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory

The Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory, maintained and operated by the U.S. Forest Service, is open for permitted “bear tours” from early July into late August, which is typically when the salmon run is most abundant and bears are most hungry. After a short walk to the trailhead, and then down the trail – about 1 mile in total – you will arrive at the Anan Wildlife Observatory, which consists of a covered viewing shelter, a photo area accessed by stairs, and outhouse facilities.

The viewing “season” is short, as it is the salmon run that brings the bears down to the creek-side. And, to protect this delicate habitat, the U.S. Forest Service issues only a small number of daily passes (obtained by Seawind Aviation upon booking your tour) and a limited number of viewers are allowed on the platform at any one time. Based on past experience, in order to maximize your opportunity for the best bear viewing experience – after all it is Mother Nature! – Seawind Aviation offers Anan Creek “bear viewing tours” during the peak season from early-July through August.

So, it is advised to book this tour as early as possible and not miss this intimate and awe-inspiring experience!

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$750 Per Person

4-5 hours (Depending on cruise ship duration and preference.)

July 3 – August 30

Due to the length of the tour, there is a five-person minimum. However, even if you do not have five eager bear-watchers in your party, please do not hesitate to contact us with your interest – as it is not uncommon to put smaller groups together to share the experience.

“Anan Bear Adventure A Once in a Lifetime Experience”

“Anan Bear Watching was really amazing. I had the chance to see bears and eagles right in their natural habitat. It was truly a remarkable experience. The team from Seawind Aviation was super nice and made the whole trip even more enjoyable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an extraordinary wildlife adventure in Alaska.”

— TripAdvisor Review

“Dream Come True Anan Bear Safari in Pristine Wilderness”

“The Anan Bear Trip felt like a dream come true. The beautiful forest surrounding us, along with the chance to get up close to the bears, made it the absolute highlight of my entire Alaska trip. The guides from Seawind Aviation were not only professional but also incredibly friendly, which added to the overall experience. I can’t stress enough how wonderful this tour is, and it’s something you must not miss when visiting Alaska.”

— TripAdvisor Review

“Exceeded Expectations: Anan Bear Viewing”

“Anan Bear Watching turned out to be even better than I had imagined. The lush and scenic forest was a sight to behold, and getting so close to the bears was truly awesome. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone. If you’re thinking about it, just do it – you won’t regret it.”

— TripAdvisor Review
Anan Bear Tour
4-5 hours • $750 pp

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