The Humpback Whales Return

The Humpback Whales Return

July 2, 2017

Are you interested in Ketchikan whale watching? Starting in the month of May and until late September – early October, Humpback whales are a frequent sighting in the Ketchikan area. They migrate from the warm waters of Hawaii to the abundant feeding grounds of Alaska. Humpbacks…

Alaska Bear Viewing Tours

Alaska Bear Viewing Tours & Wildlife Viewing

July 4, 2016

Alaska Bear Viewing Tours Are you looking in to Alaska Bear Viewing Tours? Seawind Aviation’s Misty Fjords and fly out bear viewing tours all offer the opportunity to view wildlife in their natural habitat. In order to do this responsibly, we have to be sure proper…

What a great summer! | Ketchikan float plane tours

October 5, 2014

We had a fabulous summer here in Ketchikan that included meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world! Here is a little glimpse of some of those incredible moments! Thank you all for allowing us to share this beautiful place we call home with…

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