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We speak to many visitors each year and in preparation for their visit, they ask a lot of questions. Alaska requires some research to enhance the experience and we gladly welcome any and all questions. We decided to put together a short list of top questions from customers to share.

What time is it there? Alaska is on its own time zone, and the whole state remains the same with the exception of communities that do not observe daylight savings time. The Alaska time zone is 4 hours behind the Eastern time zone, 3 hours behind the Central time zone, 2 hours behind the Mountain time zone and 1 hour behind the Pacific time zone.

Do I need a passport to come to Ketchikan? Alaska is the 49th state in the Union making it as easy to travel around as any other part of the United States. Many visitors arrive via cruise ships which require the possession of a passport when embarking or disembarking in a foreign port (i.e. Vancouver or Victoria B.C.). However, if you plan to do a closed loop cruise embarking and disembarking in the same US port you will only need a government issued ID. Furthermore, if you plan to travel into Canada on your Alaska vacation you will be required to have a passport.

What makes your company / tour different? When you fly with SeaWind Aviation, you will feel like a person not a number. Owner / Operators Steve and Lesley Kamm offer over 30 years of experience and will cater to you from the pick-up location through the end of your flight. Additionally, tours are longer, they offer in flight communication and result in a more personalized experience rather than a standard packaged shore excursion.

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