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Guestbook - See what our guests say!

To Everyone at SeaWind Aviation,

As an airline captain working for the last 5 years at a Regional Airline, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of your service. I have to say I was worried about what to do in Ketchikan, AK as this is my first cruise ever and also my first visit to Alaska. I’ve heard a lot over the years about flying in Alaska both good and bad. I know from experience that weather and terrain both can be formidable adversaries in delivering a good flying experience. In having said that, I worried about the weather, the terrain, and the aircraft before booking this excursion. Your service completely surprised me in EVERY single aspect. Our pilot Mike was the best. Mike’s flying was superb and the scenery and weather avoidance were outstanding. Landing on that lake (Nguyen Lake I think?) was an excursion in and of itself. The scenery and flight path were exhilarating. I will never forget the experience that you provided for myself and my girlfriend. The planes were in great shape and flew very well. I’ve spent almost 2,000 hours in C152-172’s and C310’s and your aircraft were in a shape I’ve never seen. I hope your company continues to provide awesome excursions and I will always recommend your company. I appreciate everything and wish you and all your team well.


Anthony Nelson – May 15, 2016

Hi Leslie,

Just wanted to let you know how much Cindi and I enjoyed our Misty Fjords flight seeing adventure! Mike was a fantastic pilot and he really made our trip special. If you speak with him, he will remember me from my James Bond remark. We flew with you on June 26th, the day after the tragedy occurred. While some people obviously were scared off or hesitant to take flight, we were eager to go and never felt uncomfortable at all. As an independent business operator myself, your openness about what had happened was appreciated and shows your professional approach to your business.

This was the highlight of our trip and we have already recommended your company to our friends who are traveling to Ketchikan later this month. I cant say whether they will decide to take flight, but if they do they will be calling you!

Thanks very much for an everlasting memory!

Art Dryce – July 6th, 2015


Hi,  Thank you for taking our family on a wonderful flight around the Misty Fjords area.  The views were unbelievable and our pilot, Mike, was outstanding.  He was very patient with my children on the headset, and told us about what we were looking at.  The landing at mountain lake was one of the best landings in a plane I have ever had.  The kids still are talking about the trip.  Thank you also for giving us a ride to the lumberjack show.  The boys enjoyed watching it, and it was a great way to end our day in Ketchikan.

Thanks again.

The Rossow’s – July 6th, 2015


Just a quick note of thanks to you, Steve and Rolf for a fabulous morning.
We couldn’t have asked for better weather or better hosts. The trip was phenomenal and a great way to start our vacation. Thanks again.

P.S. thanks also for the life savers”

Mike and Kathy G. – May 27, 2013

“Hi Lesley and Steve,

I just want to thank you both for “a memory of a lifetime” when we flew with you guys on May 10th. Everything was fantastic, from my first interaction with you by emails to the magical flight with Steve. You two make a great team, and I cannot imagine how you could improve your interaction with your customers or your tour operation. You set up the perfect flight for Maria and I, and Steve delivered on your comment that the flight would be the highlight of my cruise. As a retired Air Force and USAirways pilot, I am not always comfortable flying in small, single engine aircraft, with pilots that I do not know, but I will tell you that I have not flown with a better pilot than Steve. I could also tell how lovingly he maintains your aircraft, so I could sit back and really enjoy every aspect of the flight. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and fly with Steve. I would gladly let my children and grandchildren fly with him if they visit Ketchikan in the future, and that is the highest praise I could give another pilot. I submitted a review of your flight operation on Trip Advisor under the ID of Altamira01, titled “It does not get any better than this”, and it should be published in a few days. Thanks again.”

Guy Munder – May 16, 2013

“Hi Lesley,

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our Misty Fjords flight with Steve on August 1st. I wrote a review of Seawind for the Trip Advisor website…if you’d care to read it. It was a great experience! Sorry we didn’t have the opportunity to meet you while we were in Ketchikan, but should we find ourselves back there in the near future, I will definitely book another flight with Seawind! Take care!”

Michael Brown, Lumberton, NJ – August 18, 2012

“Dear Lesley and Steve

We are back safely in Cape Town after our Alaska cruise.

The cherry on top was our Seawind Aviation Misty Fjords flight with you guys! From the moment we made our reservation with you Lesley and your follow on correspondence, the pick up by Jerry at the cruise dock, meeting Steve and our wonderful flight with Adam, every aspect was excellent and so professional.

You guys made us all feel very special and appreciated. Keep up the wonderful and friendly service. Couple of photos to commemorate the occasion. Please look us up if you are in Cape Town.

Warmest regards and thanks”

Philip and Annatjie Henning, South Africa – July 17, 2012

“Dear Steve & Lesley,
Thank you both so much for a great flight when we were in Ketchikan for our birthdays! The champagne was such a special touch. We enjoyed meeting both of you! We will certainly recommend your great service.

We thank you again for giving us such a wonderful memory of Alaska and for making our birthdays so special.


Anne Marie Roubion, Jamie Staub, Karen Nichols – July 06, 2012

“Hi Steve & Lesley, Thank you for a wonderful experience. It is one of the highlights of our holiday. As promised I have attached our jumping photo. I think it’s a great promotional photo! I hope you like it.

Thanks again,”

Gary & Karyn Pearce & Jane & Murray Collingwood – July 06, 2012

“Hey Lesley

We have finally returned home and back into work again.

As promised, here are some photos from the flight on May 25th when Adam had to “go barefoot” for us!!

We had a great time that day, the weather was just amazing as the photos show. The flight was superb and Adam showed us some wonderful scenery.

Too bad the weather got worse the further north we sailed ( got off the ship in Whittier to driving rain and 0degrees).

After our visit, we raved about it to Gail’s sister & her husband. They are on the Coral Princess and I believe have booked with you on Saturday 7th July (names Glenn & Dawn Jarman ) If they have booked, please turn it on for them too!!

Hope you enjoy the pics, please give Adam copies.

By the way, were you able to retrieve Chris’ phone from the lake?

Once again thanks to all of you for one of the highlights of our trip.

Best wishes and hope you have a busy summer.

Again, thank you.”

Lance & Gail Ballment, Brisbane Queensland Australia – July 4, 2012

“Dear Steve and Leslie,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip. Looking through the pictures we came home with, most are concentrated on our flight with you. Your staff was great, appreciate the drop off in the heart of town so we could get something to eat and make it to a couple of stores. Hope all of you girls have recovered. Also hope you did not catch the same thing.

Again, thank you.”

The Gazzini family – June 4, 2012

“Hey Guys,

We hope you are all warm and comfy in your home in the town of Ketchikan. We (Linda & I) often think of you and your family and wish you all the best.

Just so you know, All our main memories and photos of our cruise back in September are of you guys and the tour you so graciously shared with us. We thank you for that.

We still picture ourselves on that little island somewhere on a beautiful fresh water lake in the Alaskan wilderness, Wow ! (and we have pictures to prove it). Not to mention that awesome Beaver that got us there.

Thanks again,”

Roger & Linda – September 22, 2011

“Hi Lesley and Steve,

Wow!! A very big WOW!!!!!!

We are now home, very tired from our trip, but happy.

Our highlight was the float plane tour with Steve. This experience for us left us speachless and spell bound.

We are first time flyers and we were not sure about taking a float plane tour, but are so estatic that we have done so.

Allen was pretty happy that he was able to sit in the front beside Steve. Seeing Misty Fjords, the landing on the lake and going to the small island for pictures was all very special. We took over 200 pictures during this flight; the scenery was breathtaking and something you cannot describe.

This is one anniversary we will never forget and we thank you both for giving us a truly wonderful experience for our 30th anniversary.

Thank you for such a memorable trip that we will always remember.”

Diane and Allen – July 16, 2011

“I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely wonderful flight!

Steve is a superb pilot and we were totally and completely comfortable. He made PERFECT landings and we could not even feel the plane touch down! It was awesome to see the splendor of Alaska and the Killer Whales. Leslie, you are an amazing person. Your ability to connect and your smile was worth at least half of the fun!


Ken and Mary Thompson – June 22, 2011

“Steve and Lesley,

Thank you both so much for the highpoint of an unforgettable vacation!!!

I wish we had a longer time in Ketchikan, because I would have loved to had a longer chat with you guys. Steve, the flight was beautiful! I have never been on a plane smaller than 18 passengers, and was excited and a little scared. When Ryan saw all of your radar and safety equipment, he turned to me and gave a big thumbs up!! Wayne and Ryan were very impressed with your plane. Normally I talk ALOT, but the sights were so beautiful that I couldnt speak. Your flight is something I will never ever forget. I have written to Princess Cruise Line to tell them how impressed we all were with the warm welcome, friendliness, and above all, the safety of our flight. I truly hope we can return someday and fly with you again. We will recommend you to anyone that is going to Ketchikan. You are such a great couple! If you ever find yourselves in Montana, please give us a call. You are welcome in our home anytime!

If there is someone else I can write to on your behalf, please let me know.”

Marcia and Wayne Palm – June 13, 2011

“Dear Steve and Lesley

Hello from Australia. This is Jim and I was on a flight back in June I think. I have to say it was a tremendous experience and I have recommended the trip to a great many people since my return.As requested I have attached a few photos taken on the flight. I’m still trying to get back into working and when time comes available I’ll beam over some more photos from around here.

After leaving Ketchikan I stopped at the other cities along the way to Anchorage and then travelled to Mt McKinley. It was all pretty awesome but I didn’t get to see any bears up close. Still it was all good stuff and a trip to remember. One day I wouldn’t mind going back and boating down the Yukon to Nome, I reckon that would be pretty exciting.

So I’m back at work now and doing lots of hours. I’ll be in touch again soon.


Jim Wright – Australia – August 9, 2010

“Leslie & Steve,

I just wanted to tell you both how great an Alaskan vacation we had. At the top of any list I could make was the flight seeing trip we had over Misty Fjords. The views were a once in a lifetime for me, and I’ll never forget it.

Spending some time on shore and enjoying the beauty around us, and then back in the air for more made me appreciate how all this land was formed. The sights of this area are something I’ll never forget. Leslie thanks for suggesting we wait an hour for the weather to clear a little before going up. I believe that we saw more than we would have by going on the scheduled time. Steve, you were an excellent pilot and guide and it was appreciated very much your personal service to make our trip so memorable.

Thanks again.


Warren Ries” – Sioux Falls S.D. – July 7, 2010

“Leslie and Steve,

I wanted to thank you guys for the great experience we had on June 6. It was one of the neatest things I have ever done in my life. I also wanted to thank you for going out of your way to take care of my little boy by getting a car seat for your van then for the plane ride. You kindness and hospitality was very much appreciated.

My wife tells everyone how great and nice of people you are. You made a big impact on her vacation and she didn’t even go on the flight with us. She does want to go on a plane ride the next time we get up there. Carson pretends his swing set is and airplane. He will tell us to get on his “AIRPANE” and then when we ask where we are going he tells us “AWASKA”.

I can’t wait to go back and take another ride. I thought Steve was a great guide and pilot. I will send some of the pictures I took of Carson and I when I get a chance. We will be back to Ketchikan soon to visit and take another plane ride except we will have the new addition that is due in October with us.

Take Care!

Brian, Heather and Carson” – July 2, 2010

“Hi Lesley/Steve:

Mom and I wanted to thank you for the great trip last week. We never expected to see orcas and I certainly didn’t expect to be able to land near them for better viewing.

We both agreed it was the highlight of our trip and will recommend your services to all of our friends who travel to Alaska.

All the best,

Sheilah Hammerton” – June 29, 2010

“Hey Leslie and Steve,

Thanks so much for the wonderful flight over Misty Fjords!!! My Husband and I had a wondeful time, it was amazing. I was looking forward to this part of our trip to Alaska more then anything else and I was not disappointed at all. You guys are the best and the most friendly people that I met in Ketchikan. I hope you post this on your web site, so people can see what a wonderful time we had, we also saw black bear and dell sheep.

Thanks again,”

Evelyn Maples – Tennessee – June 27, 2010

“We are “sadly” back home in Houston. We had a great time in Alaska AND we especially enjoyed the great views from our flight with you. We are so happy that we selected your aviation service…..the sights from “above” were just breathtaking.

Thanks again,”

Randy, Bob, Norma, and Edie – May 31, 2010


“I just wanted to let you know what a great experience we had an our flight. We were very glad we selected your plane for ourflight.We will definitely recommend your flightseeing tour to everyone. Thanks again for a wonderful experience and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.”

Jill Fraughton – May 17, 2010

“Dear Leslie and Steve,

Just a quick note of thanks for providing such an incredible tour of Misty Fjords for us last week. We really haven’t stopped talking about it and recognize that it was the top highlight of our Alaskan cruise, which in itself was tough to beat. The pictures and video we took while aboard have already been watched by many friends and family with jaw-dropping comments of the beauty that surrounds you.

Thanks so much again. You can be sure that when we come back to Alaska (…..and we will!!!!) we will be booking with you again. It was an incredible experience to say the least.


John Barbagallo, Gordon Daugherty, Bill Weber – May 7, 2010

“Hello Lesley and Steve,

I promised to send you pictures of the brown bear we saw on our tour and I haven’t forgotten, just really busy. I have attached them but may need to send them one at a time. I’ll send a few and you can let me know if you can open them, then I can send more.

We have great memories of our trip!


Silvana Sensius and family – January 13, 2010

“Hello Steve & Lesley,

Just wanted to say Thank you for a great Tour! The Bear viewing adventure was awesome. I had no idea we’d be able to see so much wildlife with this tour. It was a great surprise and bonus to see the Eagles and Whale so close up! And, you were right……….our friend that was afraid of getting sick on the plane, had NO problems whatsoever!

Your family run adventure was definitely worth the expense and I’d recommend anyone considering it to NOT miss ths one. It was a pleasure dealing with you over the phone. Thank you again for a great time!”

Marsha & Darryl Gardner
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406 – October 28, 2009

“Just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you and Steve for the great float plane trip last week. As we are getting back to work both of us are suffering vacation withdrawals! The highlight of our trip was the float plane ride. It was fantastic. I must tell you we compared notes with others on our ship and to a person each said they wish they had gone with you and Steve. The home town service you provide made us feel comfortable from the start. It was like a bed and breakfast feel in the air.

Once again thanks”

Ann and Ed Peters – September 24, 2009

“Hi Lesley & Steve

We’re home in the UK (warm sunshine!!) and Thursday 17 Sept seems a long time ago already … but we cannot forget the fantastic time we had in Ketchikan, despite the wind & rain.

Thank you for the friendly e-mails, the warm welcome and the wonderful flight to the Misties … even if we did find just one bear!

By the way – Steve asked why we chose your company. It was partly because of your website – clear, easy to read, and lovely photos of you & the children. It was also because of the friendly tone of your e-mails. Thank you Lesley.

Wishing you a good end of season and a busy winter!


Jane & Stephen Full – September 21, 2009

“Steve and Leslie

We just got back to Edmonton and wanted to send a quick note to say thank you.

The flight was fantastic, something the we will definitely be talking about for quite a while. Bob is already showing off the pictures and bragging about what a great flight it was.

Thank you for playing along with me in order to keep the trip a secret. Although my brother Bill caught on when we got to the office, we had Bob fooled right up the last minute.

Leslie; you and I must have been pretty believable when we met on the dock. Later that day as we were walking through Ketchikan, Bob, Bill and even Peggy kept asking how I knew you and how long I knew you and when did you and I work together.

Again, thank you so much…we will see if we can’t send some tourists your way.

Take care”

Lynn from Edmonton AB – September 27, 2009


I just wanted you and Steve to know how much we enjoyed the flight and meeting both of you last Thursday. I don’t think my dad has stopped talking about the flight yet. That was far and away the highlight of the trip for us. You are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Hopefully we can come again someday.

Thanks again,”

Jason Douglas – August 31, 2009

“Dear Leslie and Steve,

Sorry this is so late coming, but we just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed our trip with you. Although we had to forgo the Misty Fjords trip, due to the extremely heavy fog that morning, we really appreciated that you gave us other options. We really enjoyed our bear watching nature trip across the channel. We were still able to get to ride on your float plane, which I was really looking forward to. The wildlife we viewed was fantastic and the guide was great.

Your wonderful personalities made our trip so enjoyable. Although I was extremely disappointed that we couldn’t go to the Fjords, we still had a wonderful time with you. You operate a great business and I would highly recommend you to everyone who is going to Ketchikan…the experience is a once in a lifetime trip.

Thank you again for the great time.”

Nancy and Dave Buell – August 19, 2009

“Dear Steve and Lesley,

We are back home and into our routines again after our wonderful Alaskan cruise, and just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much we enjoyed our flight. It was the best excursion we ever took – we both enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your concern and care regarding the accessibility of the flight for me. It turned out not to be a problem at all, as you had initially assured me. The views from the plane were unbelievable – The whole experience was AWESOME!

Thanks also for “rescuing” our camera and returning it to us. Sorry about that – hope it did not create a problem for you.

We wish you continued success with Seawind Aviation. We had a great time!


John and Cindy Meyer – August 10, 2009

“We were on a two-week cruise aboard the Mercury Celebrity. In Ketchikan we walked along the sea path and found the Sea Wind Aviation Misty Fjords Tour. That is where our great adventure took flight.

Leslie, you must get the Mrs. Congeniality award! You were busy getting the two little ones off to dance and getting us off to fly! It was 72 degrees. We hit a couple air pockets before Steve assured us after the turn it would be better.

Jerry and I were in the back seats with another passenger in the co-pilot seat. We proceeded to enjoy photographing the vast snow-covered scenery. The highlight was landing and getting out on the floats. The plane rotated, and we saw the beautiful waterfall area.

Steve mentioned the footprints we saw in the snow. We thought the bears still might be hibernating as it was in May. The flight definitely was an added highlight to our vacation.

We also enjoyed your little one, Stevie, who wanted to fly again. Maybe she’ll follow in Daddy’s footsteps.

Much Love to you and yours. Our six tablemates loved hearing of our adventure, and we recommended you to others.”

Marion and Jerry Mittelstadt, Reno, NV – August 8, 2009

“Hi Steve & Leslie

Here are some of the photos I took on the FABULOUS flight. I hope you will be able to use some of them. It was the highlight of our trip. I thank you for making it so.

I had the opportunity to fly with many pilots when I owned planes and could still fly, but I NEVER flew with one better than you, Steve. You are the consummate pilot — gentle, smooth, and precise. It was a real pleasure to sit “co-pilot” and watch a true PILOT fly.

We recommended Princess consider you for one of their flight-seeing tours. I hope this is all right with you. We also are planning to recommend you on “Cruise Critic”.

Thank you again for providing such an unforgettable experience.”

Rod & Sandy Wallace – June 21, 2009

“Steve and Lesley,

Thank you so very much for the flight to help us make our dreams come true! The flight with Steve was awesome, and instantly, you both seemed like old friends! We really appreciate the ride to Creek Street. I am so glad we did that area of Ketchikan! The walk back wasn’t bad, but you will never know how much it meant to us, Lesley, for you to offer your assistance if we ran into problems! We really appreciate the other pilot that was there to help assist Dave up the ramp. (When he stumbled getting into the plane…..I had to hold my breathe, but Steve knew exactly the right things to say to give Dave the confidence to help us get him up!)

The entire trip to Alaska was awesome. And we appreciate your part!!

Thanks again,”

Dave & Sue – June 13, 2009

“Dear Lesley and Steve,

We have just arrived home in UK (1500 hours Thursday – UK time ) and my mind is still whirring about the fantastic trip Steve took us on.

Wendy does not like heights so I was a little concerned about her enjoyment but she was absolutely thrilled with the flight although we could not persuade her to get out on to the floats when we landed !!

If I could I would be there again tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that etc. etc. etc. but I will just have to wait and see if we ever get back to Alaska.

We found our fellow passengers to be such delightful people and we spoke and met virtually every day back on the ship .

One of them was amazed that just by asking Steve if they still used log rafts to get timber to the docks or wherever they take it to, Steve did no more than put in a tight bank turn and there below us was a log raft !!..

Comments like “Cool” and “Awesome” were definitely the order of the day.

Thank you both so very much for looking after us and juggling your schedule to make Wendy’s birthday such a memorable one.

Please feel free to use this letter or any para-phrasing from it for endorsements of your superb service.

With all best wishes and our sincere thanks.”

Mike & Wendy – UK – June 4, 2009

“Hi Lesley,
Thought you might like these photographs taken in September. We have been back home about three weeks and sorting out photographs. We had a great trip. Maybe we can help baby sit or kid sit the kids one day. even though Australia is so far away loved it. Will have to check if we can post Tim Tams.

Love to all,”

Marg Stewart – Brisbane, Australia – November 4, 2008


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you thanks for a great day in Ketchikan. We completely enjoyed the Misty Fiords and Traitor’s Cove trips!! I really hope to make it back again. Below are a couple shots of our time there.

Thanks again!”

John Crawley – September 17, 2008


First off, I just wanted to say what an AMAZING time we had on our float plane ride and tour, and of course the wildlife! As a photographer, opportunities to photograph animals in their native and pure environments are truly unique and very rare. Needless to say – my chances of taking a photo of anything we saw today in Florida are slim to none! (especially the shots of the bear catching and taking away a Salmon) Jimmy did an amazing job flying us to Traitor’s Cove and honestly the flight (and landings) were smoother than either of our flights to Vancouver. I really appreciate you suggesting that I sit in the back seat and reserving that area for me – it was great to have 2 windows and the ability to maneuver and shoot out of both – I could not have gotten the shots I did without that. Sarah was such a great guide – always happy and keeping the conversation going while also adding great information about the flora and fauna in the area. Nature was very good to us today as well, but we wouldn’t have had nearly the experience we did without your company and staff.

Again – my wife and I had an amazing once in a lifetime experience today and we cannot thank you enough!”

Tim & Brittany Darby – August 1, 2008


I just wanted to thank you for a most memorable experience you provided for Joan and me during our brief stay in Ketchikan. Meeting you and Shelby and the flight to Misty Fjords will forever be etched in our 35 years of marriage “good times memory file”. The flight was simply spectacular. The only problem I encountered was with your pilot(can’t remember his name). He needs a few more lessons in landings. I’m sure I could teach him how to “bounce” a landing so everyone would know when you’re on the water. All joking aside, he was great but I’m sure your Steve is even better.

As we made our final approach to land in the fjord with the engine power cut, I could hear the CD playing “I Can Only Imagine”. I looked back at Joan and she was smiling while pointing to her head set. That’s one of our favorite songs that’s sung by a young man in our church. Although the song is about trying to imagine what Heaven and our Lord is really like, after hearing about Steve’s experience, I really can’t imagine what you and Steve have gone through the past year. Just remember what we told you when we left—we’re praying for you. We’re praying for physical, mental and emotional healing for all. We, too, have faced storms in our life and just like the hurricanes we’ve been through, they do finally pass. Some just last longer than others

Hope you got your new sign put up and that it brings in the business you need. From what I’ve seen, if people use your services once, they’ll be back. We hope to be back in a couple of years and look forward to seeing our friends, Steve and Lesley, again. At that time, I want Steve to fly us.

Thanks again Lesley.”

Steve Platt – June 18, 2008

“Leslie and team,

Thanks again for the wonderful trip over Misty Fjords on May 22. We are especially grateful for your encouraging Patty and making it possible for her to join. She had a great time and was very glad she went along. It was a truly memorable experience, which now, we both can share. May God bless you!

As we were driving back to the dock, you asked about pictures for your website. You probably have tons of photos from your guests, but feel free look through at my album at and let me know if you would like any of the originals. I’d be more than happy to help you promote your fine company.

I was curious about who put your in-flight music together? I was greatly moved by the song “I Can Only Imagine” as we flew over Misty Fjords; stunned by God’s work and could only imagine what heaven’s going to be like. My suggestion would be Chris Tomlin’s “You Do All Things Well”, and if wanted to liven things up, “Indescribable!”.

We hope to see you again sometime. And as we mentioned, please look us up if you visit Hawaii!

Mahalo and much aloha,”

Wayne and Patty Ching – July 15, 2008

“Way back in June, Chris and I took a flight with you to the Misty fjords. We had a fabulous time, and we were thrilled to see a Grizzly up close when Steve landed the plane nearby. We were looking at our photos just now and remembered Steve saying he did not have many photos himself. While we find that difficult to believe(!) we would love to share some of our favourite shots with you. Thanks again for a wonderful time.

Ross Heitmann – October 15, 2007

“Thank you SeaWind Aviation for such a memorable experience! We thoroughly enjoyed our plane flight. The sights were breathtaking….Seeing the wildlife was spectacular!

We appreciated Steve’s piloting abilities and always felt relaxed during our flight….he was obviously knowledgeable about the areas we flew over. It was a blast to land the float plane in that fiord and see the seals come up to greet us!

We plan on taking another float plane ride with you the next time we are in Alaska!

Good Luck in the future!”

John & Jennie – Fresno, Ca – August 2, 2007

“Dear Lesley,

We (my sister and our husbands) just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our float trip with ya’ll. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Ya’ll were so friendly and just made us feel right at home. Thank you so much! You had a lady taking pictures the day we flew — if you have time, let me know when they are on the internet.

Alaska was beautiful and we definitely enjoyed our vacation there. It was awesome to see the beauty of our God!!! We are praying that Jesus will bless your family and you have blessed our family. Hope you have a wonderful summer!”

Joan – July 21, 2007

“Hey Lesley,

Just wanted to write and let you know how much we loved our trip into Misty Fjords with Steve!!! It was awesome!!!

I’m putting up some virtual tours of our trip for friends, family, coworkers and whoever finds it on the web. Here is the one from Ketchikan.

You’re welcome to use any of the photos that I have of our trip with you.

Let us know when you are going to be in Colorado, we’ll show you around Denver and the ski areas!


Joel – July 2, 2007

“Steve and Lesley,

Thanks for the great tour on June 21. It was certainly one of the highlights of our trip to Alaska. Attached is one of the pictures of the brown bear we watched while landed on the fjord.


Neil & Joan Perry – July 1, 2007

“Leslie and Steve,

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you all of the flight tour we took with you on Friday, June 15 . Thanks so much for the champagne to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary.

It was a wonderful experience for all of us . Everything about the tour was wonderful . Steve kept us laughing . Though my parents have cruised to Alaska a couple of times before, they never had viewed things from above . They were amazed ! As all of us were . We took lots of pictures while in the air . I even videoed quite a lot . It’s pretty awesome..

You all are very fortunate to live in such a special place . We are already working on our next trip there for September 2009 . I’ll be contacting you again ! I assure you!


Todd Norfleet – June 27, 2007

“Lesley, Steve and assorted other Kamms,

We know you have heard it before, but our little jaunt with you and Steve was one of the highlights of our recent Alaskan sojourn.

Much of your literature says “family” and you guys really live that to the hilt. It was a delight to meet Stevie – wish we‘d had a chance to see the other girls too – wait until you see the snapshots we‘ve got of her.

We really felt like special people in your hands, but, judging from the comments on your guest page, a heck of a lot of other people feel the same way.

The driver/purchasing manager/stewardess/bubbly pourer and provider of cheese sticks routine is a really class act, Lesley.

I took my first ride in a Beaver in 1949 – the second Beaver built by de Havilland – now know as CF-OBS and on display in the Sault Ste Marie bush plane museum – with my father at the controls. I think, in total, probably logged about 80 hours in a Beaver. My Dad died recently and sitting beside Steve, listening to the familiar noises brought back many emotions and childhood remembrances and I thank you for that.

You made a tremendous impression on both of us – with your style, your business acumen, your friendliness and the trust which you gave, trust which will be reciprocated, at any possible opportunity.

Please think of us as friends, as we do you, and send us the occasional picture or remembrance of you and your children.

We are sending along today some pleasant pictures of our time together and the Princess Cruise line booklet, so that you can see what some of the other guys are up to.

Take Care of yourselves,”

Judy and Peter Shrive – September 6, 2006

“Lesley and Steve,
The highlight of 3 weeks in the north west and Alaska was our trip to watch the bears in Ketchikan. We had great service to from the cruise ship, an exciting and smooth float plane ride to and from Margarite Creek, a great guide, and saw 9 bears feeding on many fish. We got many pictures and video. Even the weather co-operated with no rain and partly sunny. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience.
Best regards,”
John and Merrilyn Bacon
Wendy Cowan – August 26, 2006

“Steve and Lesley- I just wanted to send you a short note thanking you for a great flight while we were in AK. the plane, flight, sights and Steve’s personality and humor all added up to perfect experience. we all agreed that it was by far the highlight of all the time that we spent ashore on our cruise. thanks again
Rich Rogers
ps I told our travel agent how impressed we all were for her future bookings.” – August 22, 2006

“Steve & Leslie,
Thanks for a great trip last week in your float plane over the Misty Fjords. We had a wonderful time and thought it was the highlight of our trip. A float plane is a wonderful way to see how beautiful Alaska and Ketchikan is. The beauty is indescribable. Thanks for your personal service and help. I’ve already passed your website on to someone else planning a trip to Alaska!
Sharleen Shields
(part of the Scott group)
ps: Little Stevie is sooo cute!” – August 16, 2006

“Steve/Lesley…..We made it home in one piece and can easily say it was a “great trip”. Part of that is due to the great people we met and the services they provided us with. I gave your name to a gentleman and his wife that I met in Sitka. They were headed in your direction and were asking about trips to do in Ketchikan so I recommended you! He was from Branson Missouri. Anyway, here are the pictures I got that afternoon of the Orca pod. Hope you enjoy them……………please let me know if for some reason you do not get these or have trouble opening them and I will try again.”

Peter – August 7, 2006

“I want to thank you again for a wonderful tour. We’ve done a lot of travelling including helicopter tours in Hawaii. None of them can top the plane trip with Steve into the mountains. The rest of the group looked a little sideways at me when I told them I didn’t want to use one of the Ship’s tours but wanted to find someone local. They all agree now that we couldn’t have made a better choice. From the moment Lesley showed up with Stevie in the front seat to Steve’s obvious comfort and skill at the controls everything was near perfect. I have to admit I’m jealous of the fact that you seem to have found a way to make a living doing what you love and enjoy.
I’ve already given your email and url to several people who are interested in cruising to Alaska in the near future.
Thanks Again,”
Randall Moore (and Denise and Taylor, and Tom and Susie Howard)
Zaandam, June 7, 2006

“We are home again. Leslie and Steve our warmest thank you for the sky adventure that became the highlight of our journey. The love and enthusiasm the two of you have for sharing your part of Alaska shows in every aspect of your business. Using your company for our experience exceeded every expectation we harbored.”
Bart & Linda Harst, San Antonio, TX, USA, 6/06

“I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience it was flying with you into Misty Fjords. The scenery was spectacular, but more than that, the friendliness and hospitality of your family-run business was more than that. I know you deal with people daily (I know, I am a waitress in a tourist town) yet you made us feel extra special. Steve’s wit and humor while flying was a delight, and it was nice having Lesley pick us up in the van. I would definitely recommend Sea Wind to anyone visting Ketchikan. Thanks for making our vacation extra special.”
Bobbie Garden and Gang, Lake Tahoe, May 25, 2006

“We just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed the Misty Fyord flight on May 24! Although the cruise North from Ketchikan to Juneau on CruiseWest was fantastic, the flight with you was the highlight of the eleven days we spent in S.E. Alaska! Thanks again!”
Joe Dalton and Andria Richey, May 24, 2006

“I’ve known Steve since he was a kid building models of the planes he flys today! Steve’s always been a sharp “young fella”,and as I watched him grow up,then go thru flite school,and “life”, I knew he’d be top notch!! He hasn’t disappointed me a bit!! He has a great family operation,doing what he has loves to do,and it shows in every aspect!!”
Harley Bray-Ketchikan (class of 76)

“When people do what they truly love, it shows. This was the case with Steve and Lesley Kamm. Their attention to detail, concern for customer safety and efforts to maximize our wilderness experience came through during the entire outing, from pick up to drop off. The trip was throughly exhilarating, and I will certainly use Sea Wind Aviation for my future Ketchikan air excursions!”

Donn Dutton, Miami, FL, USA – 8/05

“My family and I were not disappointed by our flightseeing tour of the misty fjords combined with a bear viewing trip that we took recently. Lesley and I had exchanged some nice e-mails and I decided to trust my instinct and book with Seawind. There are certainly other operators who seem to receive more exposure in the cruise critic forums but whilst I am sure they too are good, what we experienced could not really have been bettered – an excellent flight, a lake landing and walkabout, bucks fizz for my birthday and a nice, comfortable atmosphere with Steve and a few laughs (oh, sorry john, and a bear sighting!). More importantly, Steve is a good pilot who has a lot of experience (I checked him out beforehand), is born in Ketchikan (he knows the terrain and he sighted a bear and goats for us) and I was promised beforehand that we would not fly if conditions would make the flight uncomfortable. As I have children I felt more at ease with this and am very glad we went with Seawind. They would be my first choice next time!”

Laura Anderson, Varese’, Italy – August 30, 2005

“Thanks again Steve and Lesley for your warmth and hospitality when you flew us to our cabin in the Misty Fjords and Tongass two years in a row! It was a pleasurable experience for us. Thank you for booking rooms for us and offering us your personal transportation when we were picked up a day early due to weather conditions. We recommend Seawind to our friends and would like to say thanks………….for everything!”

Jim & Becky Reilly, Norwalk, CT, USA – August 15, 2005

“Flight into the Misty Fjords was awesome. If you miss this you are short changing yourself. We would highly recommend SeaWind Aviation for their great service and wonderful flight.”

Bob and Gloria Utley, Bossier City, LA, USA – August 06, 2005

“What a great experience! Steve & Lesley made our flightseeing trip over the Misty Fjords the most memorable part of our Alaska cruise vacation. The extra time, attention and service was appreciated. I would recommend flying with Seawind, you will be glad you did.”

Tom Myers, Valrico, FL, USA – July 18, 2005

“wow… what a ride! we found seawind and how glad i am. our flight was wonderful, every sight was beautiful, the hosts were incredible! if you get to ketchikan, get above ketchikan in this wonderful ride! thanks steve and lesley. see you again next year for more.”

Phil & Pam Underwood, Atlanta, GA, USA – June 27, 2005

“We went on the seaplane with Steve on a beautiful day w/no rain (May 27, 2005). It was a last minute decision and a great one at that. It was beautiful, we are both photographers (amatuer), but we couldn’t take enough shots, there was so much to take pictures of. Steve and Lesley were great and friendly and just made the trip that much better. My husband and I are very envious of their lives and are anxious to do something similar in the future. Thanks for a great trip and hope to do it again, sooner rather than later.”

Gina & Bill Noble, Sheridan, OR, USA – June 26, 2005

“Thank you Steve for a wonderful flight over Misty Fjors. The weather was perfect! We saw more wild life during our trip then any other time in Alaska. We will be back for more. Continued success. I can’t stop talking about it. WOW”

Earl & Carole Soule, St. Petersburg, FL, USA – June 24, 2005

“Thank you for a magical flight over the fiords. The scenery was breathtaking and Big Goat Lake was something out of a dream. Jay loved the copilot’s seat! There are some photos of our flight here: In my ‘other’ life, I’m a writer (novels) and this trip was incredibly inspirational. I’ve already recommended you to friends who are heading your way next week. All the best to you and the family.”

Susan and Jay Wiggs, Rollingbay, WA, USA – June 06, 2005

“Imagine taking off in a float plane from water as smooth as glass and winding your way into mountains inaccessible except by plane. That’s what we did when we flew with Steve Kamm from Seawind Aviation. The flight was glorious, the scenery magnificent, and the whole experience was a major highlight of our trip. Steve put us down on the water in the middle of nowhere and we got to stand on the pontoons and listen to the peace. We got to see the Misty Fjord from the air; green and glorious and majestic–a sight we won’t soon forget … We got to see a mama bear and her cub, happily living high in the mountains. I think they waved at us as we flew by. We got to make memories that we will treasure forever. Thanks, Steve. It was a great flight.”
Larry & Carol Lathom, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“One of the most interesting sights in Alaska is the Misty Fjords National Monument. With over 2.2 million acres of wilderness, it is unique because fjords traverse the entire area. With sheer granite cliffs falling thousands of feet into deep fjords, the scenery is simply spectacular. Add the fact that the entire monument resides in a coastal rain forest and Misty Fjords National Monument is one of the most awe inspiring sights in Alaska.”

Here is the bottom line on the Misty Fjords National Monument Float Plane trips. It is a must do if you want to experience some of southeast Alaska’s spectacular wilderness … Would I recommend SeaWind Aviation? You bet.”

Tom Ogg,

“Anne & I have just returned home from a wonderful holiday in Canada and South West Alaska. One of the high-lights of our tour was the flight with Steve over the Misty Fjords, landing on a lake and getting out onto a small rock island before returning to base via a scenic flight over the snow capped mountains. Steve, thank you for your friendliness and professional airmanship. We are pleased we chose to fly with you in your C206 rather than with a bigger, more impersonal operator and, being a private pilot myself, I enjoyed being in the Anne was particularly taken with your daughter, Shelby.”

Ron & Anne from Australia