Love Letters for Seawind Aviation

Times are changing — written letters are dwindling away and becoming more of a rare occurrence, with the boom of technology and all things digital. Testimonials and words of appreciation these days often arrive in the form of a Trip Advisor review or a Facebook message. And no matter which form they come in, we just can’t get enough of them. We absolutely adore hearing about our customers’ experiences – whether they’re flattering compliments or suggestions on how we can improve – we love hearing from our customers no matter what they say.

But when we receive a written letter from a customer, like the one below, we’re absolutely taken aback by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Here at Seawind Aviation, we love what we do and we love that we’ve been given an opportunity to bring joy to our customers’ lives through the experiences we offer. So thank you, Rick, Robyn, and Ryan, for sharing your thoughts with us!

letter testimonial

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