About SeaWind Aviation

SeaWind Aviation is a family operation committed to providing the finest of Alaska by flight seeing in the Misty Fjords, viewing wildlife on a bear viewing tour or by simply embarking on an air charter in the Southeast Alaska panhandle. This Alaska based business was founded on experience and knowledge that dates back through generations . Seawind Aviation has been a top rated tour operator since inception and we invite you to experience the difference of our airline in Ketchikan. The following are biographies that outline the years of quality experience each team member offers at SeaWind Aviation.

Steve Kamm – Pilot

Owner Steve Kamm was born and raised in Ketchikan Alaska and offers more than 25 years of commercial flying experience. After flying for the largest air taxis in Southeast Alaska, Steve was able to log more than 17,000 hours of commercial flight time in the area. Steve is a second-generation Alaskan pilot who gets his love of flying from his father, Cliff Kamm. His father logged approximately 40 years of safe local flying in both commercial seaplanes and helicopters. Steve’s great grandfather, E.C. Phillips came to Ketchikan in 1926 from Grimsby, England. His great grandfather worked on the Ketchikan cold storage dock before founding his own fish processing plant to serve local fisherman – E.C. Phillips and Son was established in 1950. E.C. Phillips and Son, like SeaWind Aviation, is still going strong today.

Mike Falconeri  – Pilot

Pilot Mike Falconeri gained an interest in flying as a young child and knew how to command an aircraft by the time he was old enough to actually get his pilot’s license. He has maintained his license for thirty five years but has only used it commercially for the last fifteen. Before embarking on his aviation career, Mike raced motorcycles into the pros as well as worked at Pratt & Whitney and opened his own kayak business. Mike’s sense of adventure led him to eventually solo paddle most of the US coastline over the course of eleven months. Before beginning his Southeast Alaska flying career, he gained experience in Maine and Connecticut working for Fish & Wildlife and the US Forest Service. This provided for ample experience flying various user groups from hunters and fishermen to celebrities and rock stars. Mike’s motto is “It’s never too late to start your journey” and he demonstrates that through his career path and in life.

Fred Wright – Pilot

Major Fred Wright (no relation to Orville and Wilbur) has been flying since 1963 and is proficient in 12 different types of aircraft. In the military, he was a Lieutenant Commander for the Unites States Navy where he flew the A-6 intruder aboard the Aircraft Carrier the USS Ranger, making more than 200 carrier landings, day and night. Then he went on to fly for American Airlines logging more than 10,000 hours as a Captain on an MD-80/DC-9. Fred’s career flying floatplanes in Alaska dates back to 2004. In 2006, he was awarded with the Red Cross Real Heroes Aviation Rescue Award for landing an airplane full of people while it was on fire! The only thing that mattered was that he landed that plane safely and we are fortunate to have him on the SeaWind Team.

Lesley Kamm – Ground Operations

Lesley runs SeaWind Aviation’s ground operations, reservations and marketing. She is also the wife to Steve Kamm and mother to 3 young girls – Kendall (15), Shelby (13), and Stevie (11). Lesley coordinates all of SeaWind Aviation tours, including the pick-up and drop-offs at the Ketchikan Visitors Information Center. You just might be lucky enough to have her pick you up! All pickups are in front of Ketchika’s “Liquid Sunshine Gauge” located on the cruise ship dock near the Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau.