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A Message from our Bear Guide - Bear Viewing Tours with the "Bear Whisperer"

We’re so lucky to have Drew, Ketchikan’s very own “Bear Whisperer” as part of our Seawind Aviation team to guide our customers on our bear viewing tours.

Watch the video for his message or read below.
This is my ninth season bear guiding. My name is Drew, and they call me The Bear Whisperer here in Ketchikan.

My favorite part of working with Seawind is the family aspect of the company. It’s a small company. The family that I work with here at Seawind specifically is one of the main reasons I come back.

One of the greatest rewards I have with this job is the fact that we get to work with people from all around the world on bear viewing tours.

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Not only to experience the rainforest, but the bears on top of that is just kind of a crown jewel. Most of the people that come on our tours are touched in a way that they never forget as well.

If you’re interested in booking a bear viewing tour with us, check out our list of available tours or contact us here!

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