3 Reasons To Visit The Misty Fjords

At Seawind Aviation – we’re lucky enough to enjoy the majesty of the Misty Fjords on a near daily basis.  The size of, and the life within this vast forest never ceases to amaze us! We love sharing the beauty of the Misty Fjords with travelers and adventurers from all around the country and world. Don’t know much about this National Monument? Check out 3 reasons we the Misty Fjords are a must-add to your future vacation list!

1) Diverse Wildlife

When people think of a forest – they may think of deer and bears, but this rainforest boasts a large amount of wildlife – from loons, wolves, grizzly and black bears to killer whales, porpoises, otters and all 5 species of salmon.  Air and water tours often provide great opportunity to catch a glimpse of the many native animals.

2) The Sheer Expanse

The Misty Fjords are part of the Tongass National Forest – the largest forest in the United States clocking in at almost 17 million acres. This means that the exploring is never done! Seawind Aviation and our family that came before us have been traversing this seemingly endless area for decades and logistically speaking, have barely gotten our toes wet! This means that the Misty Fjords shouldn’t just be on your vacation list once, but as a repeat destination for years to come…a place that will continue to surprise you!

3) Something For Everyone

Are you a geologist at heart? Granite cliffs sculpted by glaciers will have you in awe.  A water lover? Lakes, rivers, waterfalls and canals in glacial valleys will keep you busy.  One for wildlife? Book a bear viewing or fishing trip! And for the ecology lovers, the diverse rainforest vegetation will not disappoint.

Contact Seawind Aviation to learn more about Misty Fjords tours, and to book a reservation today.  We hope to see you soon up in Alaska!

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